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NGO's We Support

Swaplanet partners with the amazing people at Fabric Republic, Khora and Immortaliting, donating unsold or excess clothing to them. This ensures that nothing goes to waste.



Fabric Republic is an innovative and comprehensive clothing management system that focuses on today’s social needs, sustainability and sustainable development.

Visit their website here: 
Khora Athens Charity
Khora is an association based in Athens, Greece. They run a community centre throughout three buildings in Kypseli and Exarcheia, and provide services to anyone that needs them. They value solidarity, autonomy, community, and the right of everyone to access the basic means to live in our city.
Visit their website here: 
Immortaliting  advocates that all people should have access to beautiful and useful clothing, even when they do not have the money to buy it. They support the basic principles of fashion ethics and circular economics. They believe that clothes are living organisms, bodies capable of uniting people, rather than being elements of social discrimination.

Our appearance speaks before us, about us. Our image is our visual identity, that characterizes us. It is a passport to equal opportunities for all. All people have the right to a good life. In a functional good house. In a good job. In a beautiful appearance, through which they will regain their confidence and their power.
Visit their website here: 

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