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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to buy/swap?

One of the nicest things about Swaplanet is that you get full value for the items you send, compared to other platforms that will only pay you a percentage of what they’re worth.

If we credit you 10 Planets for a jacket, we will sell it for 10 Planets. That means when you swap for a similar item, you do not pay any price difference. This makes swapping fair for everyone.

So how do we cover our costs? We charge a small swapping fee per item (regardless of its value) that covers pickup, sorting, washing, ironing, photography, listing online, and delivery of your swapped items. You pay nothing else!

This process is how we guarantee that all your next kids’ clothes will arrive in great condition (even cleaner than clothes bought at retail shops!), with an easy swapping experience

The handling fee depends on the category, as follows: 

Item Handling Fee (€)
Baby Shoes 2.5
Cardigan 3.5
Costumes 3.0
Dress 3.5
Grobag 5.0
Hat 2.5
Heavy Jacket 6.0
Jumpsuit 3.5
Light Jacket 5.0
Mittens 2.5
Onesie 1.5
Overalls 3.0
Pullover 3.5
Pyjamas 2.5
Scarf 2.5
Shirt 3.5
Shoes 4.5
Shorts 3.0
Skirt 3.0
Socks 2.5
Suit 6.0
Sweatpants 3.0
Sweatshirt 3.5
Swimsuit 2.5
T-shirt 2.5
Trousers 3.5



How much credit will I get?

Every item we receive is valued based on 5 criteria:

    • Item category: e.g. t-shirt, sweater, jacket, etc.
    • Brand: premium, mainstream, budget, no name
    • Condition: like new, normal wear & tear, worn but useable
    • Material: organic, natural, synthetic, or blends 

Once the valuation is complete, we credit your account with that value and list the items on our website at the very same value. We give you full value for your clothes, and giving others a fair price. If you browse our shop, this will give you an idea of exactly how much we credited those parents.


You are free to use your credit any way you wish, to swap for smaller or more expensive items.


Over time, we may put items "on sale", but this will not affect the credit you originally received. Also, as supply/demand changes for different items, valuation of that category may change (e.g. if we’re lacking pyjamas, we’ll increase how much we credit for them). Again, this will not impact the credit you have already received. Some items may be grouped into outfits/sets, but you will get full credit for them.


When will I get my credit?

Right away! We aim to sort every piece within 1 to 2 days of receipt, and credit your wallet immediately. You do not have to wait until the item is sold. 


What should I send to Swaplanet?

Children's clothing & footwear, for ages 0 to 14, without damage or stains, and freshly laundered. Please only send items you would be happy to receive yourself  


Do I need to put anything in my bag, besides clothes? How will you know it’s mine?

You do not need to include anything in your shipping bag other than your clothes/accessories. We have an easy inventory list you can fill out which would help us out, but you don’t need to.

Each pickup we send to you is already customized with your information. Swaplanet will look at your unique tracking number to reference whose bag was received.

What happens after I send my bag to Swaplanet?

  • We will email you once we receive your bag, within 1 to 2 business days.
  • All items are sorted 1 to 2 days from receipt, and we issue your credit for eligible items (see How valuation works). You can start shopping!
  • Rejected items are either donated/recycled or returned with your next order, depending on your preference (see What to send and Partners).
  • Eligible items are cleaned/disinfected, ironed, photographed, and listed on the website.


Do you accept items from budget brands?

Our philosophy is to provide quality clothes that we ourselves would be happy to receive, and reduce textile waste. We accept budget brand items that are good quality and/or in great condition.


Can I donate my clothes to someone in need?

Yes!  Have a look at our Partners page and let us know who you would like to donate to. And we are always open to meeting new people, so feel free to suggest new partners for us to reach out to!


Can I donate credit to friends or family?

Yes! You can “gift” any amount of your credit to a friend or family member, but they will need to create an account in order to use them. Send us an email with the following information on the beneficiary:

    • Name
    • Email address
    • Contact Number 

We also have a referral program, where you get 20 Planets (1 Planet is like 1 Euro) for every person you refer. The great news is that the person you refer also gets 20 Planets.

In your account profile page click on Refer a Friend:


Copy your link and share it with family and friends


Swaplanet Refer a Friend


I see some listings on the site are made up of several items. Do those count as one item at check-out?

Yes, each listing is considered one item and is charged one handling fee. We do this when it makes sense, e.g. for outfits (a top and matching shorts, pyjamas) or to bundle budget items as a set.


Can I pay cash for items I see on the website?

For the time being, you can pay cash for items, or top-up with cash if you don’t have enough swap credit (Planets).  

However, please note that our aim is to promote exchanging of clothes to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce waste. This wouldn’t work if parents like you did not send us clothes on a regular basis. We would simply run out of inventory!

Please check your closets regularly for items you are not using, which are small or not in season and send them over. This way we can make sure we have a constant source of clothes that can be used by other parents!


What if I don't find anything to buy with my swap credit?

We are constantly adding new items from members or through our own sourcing efforts. In the meantime, your credit won't expire.

If you truly cannot find anything, (hasn't happened yet ), you always have the option to donate or gift your trades.


Where do any unsold clothes go?

Items that remain unsold will eventually go to our amazing partners like Fabric Republic (See Partners), for charity and/or recycling.


What is Swaplanet’s return policy?

If an item is defective or not as advertised, we will take it back and refund the swap credit. Please email us and we will quickly fix the situation! 

If it is not to your liking or doesn’t fit, you can send or swap it back at the same value. Please keep the label on the item, so we can ensure you get the same credit. 

Please note that unless there is a defect with the item, we do not offer refunds of the handling fee, as this is meant to cover shipping, cleaning, and sorting costs.


What are Swaplanet Planets?

Planets is credit posted to member's accounts that can be used to pay for anything on the Swaplanet site like products.

Planets can be earned through sending us clothes and referrals. 

Swaplanet Planets cannot be redeemed for cash.

Great Savings

Save Up to 90% Compared To Buying New Clothes

Pickup & Delivery

No Hassle For You! We Handle Everything!

Clean and Disinfected

Cleaner Than Buying From Stores!


Reduce CO2 Emissions, Water and Textile waste