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Our Story

Swaplanet is a baby that was born from three like-minded people who want to see kids and their families living in a better world. We are a team of global citizens and parents who realise that our consuming habits affect the planet and everyone on it. By changing these habits, we can contribute to a healthier planet, get high quality and affordable clothing, and help people in need through partnerships with charities and other inspiring organisations. 

Our aim is to reduce each family’s environmental footprint by reducing and eliminating textile waste, while increasing access to good quality clothing - creating a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process.

Our role starts from the moment a human is born, creating positive habits that will follow her/him all along in this journey called life: sharing what is no longer needed with other humans and reducing his/her environmental footprint from day one.

We would like to inspire families (and children in particular) to respect and take care of other humans by offering their unwanted possessions, as well as to respect the Earth, creating a global network of environmentally-conscious citizens, full of love and compassion for other living beings on this planet.



Sherif Barakat

Sherif has a curly-haired and very opinionated 3-year old daughter that is the light of his life, and is expecting a baby boy very soon. His life has taken him from his home city of Cairo to Montreal, Paris, Berlin, London, Casablanca, and finally to Athens. As you can tell, he loves to travel, and cherishes this planet and everything on it. He recently spent several months travelling 11 countries with his pregnant wife and daughter, in a tiny VW van, where he learned all about minimalism and decluttering. The idea for Swaplanet came to him on a highway somewhere between Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, while freaking out about the baby boy wardrobe he had to buy, despite having a mountain of outgrown girl's clothes piled up at home.


Helena Stamou

Helena arrived in this world as the 7th child of a total 9 children’s family. She has naturally curly hair (just like Sherif’s daughter!) From early on, she learned to be a part of a team, where sharing and giving was the norm. 

Very curious by nature, she always wanted to discover how the world works and how to make it better for everyone. She laughs a lot, she meditates and is happy when other people are happy too! Based in beautiful Greece, her teenage dream was to visit 30+ countries, which she has already achieved. Her new goal is to visit 100+ countries and to plant 1 million trees before she departs for new astral endeavours. During her adventurous travels from a small village in Africa to the Himalayas, she affirmed her thoughts that all humans share the same needs and desires in this place we call home. She feels that all children are bundles of joy and cherishes working with them and being around them! 


Jimmy Nicolaides

Recently married and ready to start a family, Jimmy is part of a large family always surrounded by kids and often considered one of them 😊. Jimmy is half English, half Lebanese, but was fortunate to grow up in Greece, which he considers his home. He loves extreme sports from rollerblading, skateboarding to skiing and snowboarding, always teaching and motivating others. He is an inventor who successfully created a product that saves horses' lives and constantly looks for opportunities to help people and our planet.

In 2019 Jimmy relocated between 3 different countries from Dubai, UK and Greece. He was amazed how quickly items like clothes, shoes, and other bits and pieces piled up in the house. He noticed every time he packed to move, how valid the quote “out of sight, out of mind” was.

Meeting Helena and Sherif came at the perfect time, combining our experiences and core values have given us this amazing opportunity to help parents and the planet by promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

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