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Swaplanet is disrupting traditional shopping habits by encouraging more swapping, instead of buying new. Through us, customers pay for clothes with clothes (and soon, other items!).

Our mission is to provide a convenient solution for families to consume sustainably, save money, share what they no longer need with others, all while reducing their carbon, waste, and water footprints. For example, did you know that one simple t-shirt requres 2,700 litres of water to produce?

Our starting point is children’s clothing, because although kids grow fast, their clothes don’t. So parents need to constantly renew their kids’ wardrobes, spending money and leaving behind piles of clothes in great condition.

We’ve started in Greece, and plan to expand soon to other countries.

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Open Positions

We're constantly growing our team, so if you like what we do, please get in touch. We currently have the following position(s) open:

Full Stack Developer